One of the most appealing benefits of a life settlement is found in the flexibility that a person gains once they receive their settlement and are freed of expensive policy premiums sapping any more of their wealth. In a world full of uncertainty, the future is opaque and it is impossible to foresee all changes in circumstance. Often those who find themselves in need of extra funds resort to conventional loans, sometimes in the form of a second mortgage.

Life settlements provide an alternative liquidity source. A life settlement does not need to be paid back and won't tap into your home’s equity like second mortgages or reverse mortgages do.

Discover the financial potential of a life settlement.


If your life insurance needs have changed and the policy has outlived its usefulness, you are faced with 4 options:

  • Continue paying the costly premiums
  • Let the policy lapse and lose your asset
  • Surrender the policy back to the life insurance company for a fraction of its value.
  • Sell the policy as a life settlement and receive a significant amount of cash in one lump sum
If selling your policy is in-line with your financial and estate planning needs ALIR Settlements can help you.
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Partnering with a Life Settlement team like ALIR gives you an edge in getting the maximum value for your life insurance policy. We have built a robust network of investors that work with life settlements, understand the industry, recognize the value of life insurance policies, and are actively seeking policies for their investment portfolios. We have also ensured that the investors we work with are reputable, and are known as manifesting the highest level of integrity.

The rapport that we have established with these buyers has lead to long term respect and business relationships that enable quicker turnaround time and maximum return to policy owners.  These factors contribute to benefiting policy holders that come to us seeking liquidity from their life insurance policies.

A Life Settlement provides you with options to make the most of your money.