How travel insurance is impacted by Coronavirus?

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The Coronavirus or COVID-19 has already affected more than 450,000 people and over 20,000 people have died due to it. Though the virus possibly originated in Wuhan, China it has now spread to a staggering 196 other countries across the globe. Even as we speak, a person somewhere is getting infected with this dreaded virus. Effect on Global Economy: While … Read More

Retrospective Denial: An Insightful Discovery

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Have you ever been denied the necessary coverage from your health insurance provider? Probably not. But have you ever been denied coverage even after taking the mysterious ‘preapproval’? There is a slight chance that your answer might be yes. In this post today, we’ll focus on the recent rise of ‘Retrospective Denial’ and what the reasons are behind its dramatic … Read More

The State of Healthcare Insurance and the Unforeseeable Consequences

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Medical certainty is one of the basic human rights. Sickness might often come with a hefty medical bill. Health insurance is supposed to provide relief from the burden and ensure maximum healthcare. In the U.S, the reality is different. While an attractive health insurance plan can add a lot of charm to the job, the increasing deductibles and premiums are … Read More

The Dilemma of the Financial Advisor – A Life Settlement Provider or a Life Settlement Broker?

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Financial advisors often depend on a life settlement broker to help them when a client wants to buy life insurance policy. There’s no denying some financial advisors prefer to work with life insurance providers instead of brokers. There is no centralized exchange for life insurance settlements, unlike stocks, bonds, or precious metals, so it can be a complicated process for … Read More

Buying Life Insurance For Parents: What You Need To Know

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If someone close to you has met with an accident, is facing terminal illness, or if there has been a sudden death in your family, it can be life-altering for you and your loved ones. If you depend on these individuals you may need to consider purchasing life insurance ahead of time. You should ask yourself a few questions – … Read More

Four Life Settlement Trends to Watch in 2019

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Despite experiencing setbacks and challenges over the last decade, the Life Settlements Industry looks to have finally returned to an upward trajectory. Since 2018, the volume of transactions in life settlement policies has increased dramatically, and this positive surge seems set to continue. But with so many people still unaware they can liquidate their life policies greater public awareness is … Read More

Dealing with Discomfort About Life Settlements

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Life and viatical settlements are becoming more and more well-known in the United States and other developed countries. Financial advisors and seniors who are retiring or already retired have more awareness that their life insurance policies are not something that they have and pay for, or don’t pay for and allow to lapse. Selling a life insurance policy can provide … Read More

2017 Annual Report Recap

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ALIR 2017 Annual Report

ALIR is proud to share with you our 2017 ALIR Annual Report Recap.   It highlights the landmark tax changes and strong market growth we witnessed in 2017.  In addition, it gives you a glimpse into our 2018 Outlook. As a leading life settlement provider and educator, we look forward to continuing to provide valuable tools and insights to you throughout … Read More

Four Pitfalls to Avoid When Considering a Life Settlement Broker

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Each year, more than $100 billion in face value of life insurance lapses due to seniors over the age of 65 not knowing that there are better options out there that allow them to sell unneeded or no longer affordable policies – namely, the life settlement route. Life settlements are a growing secondary market, with more and more seniors choosing to sell … Read More