Financial assistance for terminally ill patients

Patients with terminal or advance-stage illness have unique and necessary needs. Today, many of such individuals lack the resources to cover the cost associated with the treatments that can help them. As the cost for medical treatment continues to rise, many have become discouraged to the point of not seeking necessary treatments.

The team at ALIR recognizes the often-urgent need for assistance those facing terminal illness.  We focus on the goal of alleviating the financial stresses that often accompany these difficult circumstances.  ALIR will take the time to explore and explain all of the available options with in force life insurance policies, and structure a solution to ease the burden.

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We offer two solutions for patients with terminal or advance-stage illness: Viatical Settlements and Life Insurance Loans

  • A Viatical Settlement is a transaction involving the sale of a life insurance policy issued on the life of a person who is diagnosed with a catastrophic or life-threatening illness or condition before the policy has matured.
  • A Life Insurance Loan is a transaction where the policy owner places their life insurance as collateral for an immediate cash advance. This particular option has gained popularity over the years since it allows an individual to gain access to immediate cash while retaining their current life insurance policy.
  • Please Contact Us if you are interested in exploring your options or simply want to learn more.

Assisting medical care providers

ALIR Settlements will work closely with a variety of medical care providers, including—but not exclusive to—the following:

  • Cancer treatment providers

  • Cancer care navigators

  • Physician’s offices

    That regularly care for patients diagnosed with advanced stage cancer or other terminal illnesses

We will diligently work to provide your patients with access to the funds they need to pay for their expenses such as medical bills, and most importantly, to improve the quality of life.:

You’re not fighting alone

Being faced with a serious illness can be overwhelming. We admire those who courageously face this challenge, and look to help them in any way possible. If you are among those who are facing such a situation, please do not hesitate to Contact Us. We would be more than happy to help you.

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