ALIR Settlements Turnkey Solution For Financial Professionals

In 2017 billions of dollars in life insurance death benefit will be allowed to laps valueless.  Life settlements open up the secondary market to financial planners as an option to free up overlooked liquidity for their customers.

ALIR Settlements provides comprehensive support and education to Life Agents and Financial Planning Professionals, allowing them to unlock hidden wealth within their client portfolio.

Our settlement team is hands on from inception through funding of each life settlement transaction, taking the burden off the financial professional.

Join the ALIR Professional Network and extend the scope of financial tools you can provide your customer base.

A valuable asset

If you have a client who is interested in or could benefit from a Life Settlement, we would be happy to work with you. ALIR Settlements can work either directly with your client or as an extension of your team. We offer personalized service that places high value on open communication and transparency.  We disclose all fees from the outset and will not require payment unless we sell your client’s policy. The process is streamlined for your client.

In addition, we can advise you of the policy’s value, maximize that value in the market, locate buyers for the policy, help evaluate the offers and handle the bulk of the paperwork. Our in-house legal and compliance department is also on hand to ensure that the entire process is free of complications. ALIR Settlements will be a capable partner who, like you, wants the best for your client.

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our responsibilities to our clients

As an agent or advisory you are familiar your fiduciary responsibility to advise your clients of their options. We, in turn, have a fiduciary duty to protect your client’s asset and secure the best possible offer for them. If after reviewing the facts and perhaps conversing with us, if you and your client decide that a Life Settlement makes the most sense for your client, we recommend partnering with us. You will be aligning yourself with an industry leading experienced team with countless resources at its disposal, established business relationships and partnerships, and a passion for helping people gain financial freedom. All the while, we are setting the standard for the industry with best practices, and pride ourselves on our core values and ethics.

Contact us today and learn more about how we can help you to ensure that your client chooses the correct course of action for them, and takes a positive step forward into the next portion of their life.

Let's Work Together

We believe in building trusted relationships dedicating the necessary time to view each individual as a valued client.