Thinking About Canceling Your Life Insurance Policy? Read This First.

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It’s no wonder that so many people are confused about the pros and cons of canceling a life insurance policy, or whether it’s even possible in the first place. That’s because when it comes to exactly what happens when you cancel your policy, the answer isn’t cut and dry. Will the coverage end immediately? Will you be refunded for any … Read More

Am I Covered? What You Need to Know About Life Insurance and COVID-19

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As COVID-19 continues to surge across many parts of the world, claiming thousands of lives each day, countless people have wondered if they would be covered by their life insurance policy in the event that they contract and are overtaken by the virus. In most cases, the policyholder will be covered, and insurance will probably pay out for a death … Read More

Five Reasons People Choose to Sell a Life Insurance Policy.

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To the vast majority of people, the term “life settlement” is an unfamiliar one. Many have never even heard of it, let alone considered the concept of selling a life insurance policy for cash, or the benefits of doing so. Selling a life insurance policy can allow a policyholder to reclaim equity and provide the funding that will allow their … Read More

Four Life Settlement Trends to Watch in 2019

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Despite experiencing setbacks and challenges over the last decade, the Life Settlements Industry looks to have finally returned to an upward trajectory. Since 2018, the volume of transactions in life settlement policies has increased dramatically, and this positive surge seems set to continue. But with so many people still unaware they can liquidate their life policies greater public awareness is … Read More

Dealing with Discomfort About Life Settlements

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Life and viatical settlements are becoming more and more well-known in the United States and other developed countries. Financial advisors and seniors who are retiring or already retired have more awareness that their life insurance policies are not something that they have and pay for, or don’t pay for and allow to lapse. Selling a life insurance policy can provide … Read More

Four Pitfalls to Avoid When Considering a Life Settlement Broker

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Each year, more than $100 billion in face value of life insurance lapses due to seniors over the age of 65 not knowing that there are better options out there that allow them to sell unneeded or no longer affordable policies – namely, the life settlement route. Life settlements are a growing secondary market, with more and more seniors choosing to sell … Read More

A Stable Future For The Life Settlement Industry

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After a sharp downturn after the 2008 financial crisis, the life settlement industry is making a comeback in a big way. More and more seniors and baby boomers are retiring – unfortunately, more of those going into retirement are facing financial uncertainty and insecurity. The Baby Boomer generation, by widespread consensus, started in 1946. That means that the oldest baby … Read More